Finding the Bike Thatís Right for You

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Finding the Bike Thatís Right for You

Whether youíre buying your first bike, only rode when you were younger, or have been riding around and are ready for an upgrade, itís important to know how to find the perfect bike for you.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to finding the right bike. Itís not only about the type of riding you want to do, there are physical traits that will factor in as well. Before you go shopping, take the following measurements to be sure you can find the right and comfortable fit.

  • Leg inseam (from your crotch to your foot)

  • Torso (from your crotch to your sternum)

  • Arm length (from your collarbone to your palm)

Once you have your measurements, youíll need to decide what kind of riding you want to do. Do you plan to mountain bike? Do you prefer to tour around the city? Are you just wanting an excuse to go to the beach? Itís important to decide what you want to spend your time doing so that you can choose the right kind of bike. Generally speaking, hereís what youíll find available:

  • Mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are designed to handle rough, off-road terrain. They are equipped with shock absorbers and a low gear range to help riders pedal up steep trails.

  • Road bikes. Road bikes are designed to be ridden on smooth pavement. The tires are skinny and smooth. Its design is intended for speed.

  • Hybrids. Hybrids are intended to offer riders the benefits of both road and mountain bikes. They offer a comfortable riding position and are best for riding around the neighborhood and town.

  • BMXs. BMX bikes are small and used by kids and adults alike to do special tricks and stunts like famous riders including Garrett Reynolds and Stevie Churchill.

  • Cruisers. Similar to hybrids, cruisers are designed for comfortable and casual riding. Most cruisers only have between one and three speeds and are ideal for ďcruisingĒ around the neighborhood.

Know what you want? Then get going! We carry well-known brands including Diamondback, GT, Schwinn, Redline, and Biria. Have questions? Contact us and weíll help you with what you need. Donít settle for anything less than the best.